Babak Andi

Scientific Associate

Babak Andi is a science associate for FMX and AMX macromolecular crystallography beamlines at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II).

Phone: 344-3559


  • Ph.D. 2005: Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • M.S. 2004: Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • M.S. 1999: Biochemistry, University of Tehran
  • B.S. 1996: Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Tehran

Key Publications

  • F Fuller, S Gul, R Chatterjee, E Burgie, I Young, H Lebrette, V Srinivas, A Brewster, T Michels-Clark, et al., Drop-on-demand Sample Delivery for Studying Biocatalysts in Action at X-ray Free-electron Lasers, Nat. Methods, 14(4), 443-449 (2017).
  • I Young, M Ibrahim, R Chatterjee, S Gul, F Fuller, S Koroidov, A Brewster, R Tran, R Alonso-Mori, et al., Structure of Photosystem II and Substrate Binding at Room Temperature, Nature, 540(7633), 453-457, PMCID: PMC5201176 (2016).
  • C Roessler, R Agarwal, M Allaire, R Alonso-Mori, B Andi, J Bachega, M Bommer, A Brewster, M Browne, et al., Acoustic Injectors for Drop-On-Demand Serial Femtosecond Crystallography, Structure, 24(4), 631–640 (2016).
  • J Bachega, F Maluf, B Andi, H Pereira, M Carazzollea, A Orville, M Tabak, J Brandao-Neto, R Garratt, E Reboredo, The Structure of the Giant Haemoglobin from Glossoscolex Paulistus, Acta Cryst. D, D71, 1257-1271 (2015).
  • L Huo, I Davis, F Liu, B Andi, S Esaki, H Iwaki, Y Hasegawa, A Orville, A Liu, Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Sapshots Reveal a Dehydrogenase in Action, Nat. Commun., 6, 5935 (2015).

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