Jeff Keister

Physicist, Beamline Development, Photon Division

Dr. Keister joined the NSLS-II project in February 2009, with his primary role being the refurbishment and operation of the NSLS X16A R&D beamline dedicated to the testing and characterization of x-ray optics relevant for the IXS NSLS-II Project beamline. Since this time he has additionally undertaken the execution of optics and detector development, through orchestration of instrumentation test runs at NSLS as well as third generation light sources APS, Petra-III and SPring-8.

Dr. Keister comes to the BNL Photon Sciences Directorate with an extensive background in synchrotron instrumentation, from experiments in chemical dynamics at LURE and ALS in 1993-1997, to surface and interface science at NSLS-U4A in 1997-2000, to leading radiometric calibration beamlines U3C and X8A at NSLS from 2004 to 2009. Between 2000 and 2004 Dr. Keister worked at KLA-Tencor in Silicon Valley designing and optimizing commercial metrology instruments utilizing both UV and electron optics. Dr. Keister maintains an interest and activity in development of complex instrumentation, incorporating detectors, optics, and sample environments.

Dr. Keister is responsible for the NSLS X16A test beamline as well as spokesperson for MID (metrology and instrumentation development) beamline of NSLS-II. He also leads the development of additional beamlines at NSLS-II, as facility liaison for NIST and deputy project manager for NEXT.

Dr. Keister’s experience in leading beamline programs for characterization and development of novel x-ray optics and detectors provides a valuable resource to the organization.

Phone: 344-2274


  • Ph.D. 1997: Physical Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • M.S. 1997: Physical Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • B.S. 1993: Chemistry, James Madison University


Key Publications

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