Michael Loftus

Mechanical Design Group Supervisor

Michael has worked in the mechanical and production engineering field for over 30 years. In 1991 he joined the RHIC project at BNL and worked for the Superconducting Magnet Division for a total of 12 years designing magnets for the RHIC project as well as for the DESY and IHEP luminosity upgrades. Michael also gained experience since 1991 working in industry as the design and drafting supervisor at both Bertan High Voltage Corporation in 1995 and at Motorola, Inc. in 2005. He returned to BNL in 2007 to join the NSLS-II project.

Michael attended Twickenham College, England for the Mechanical Engineering Technicians Certificate and Hastings College, England for the B.T.E.C. ONC Course in Mechanical and Production Engineering.

Phone: 344-7472
Fax: 631-344-3395
Email: loftus@bnl.gov