Robert Sweet


Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Research Council Laboratory, Cambridge, England. 1970 - 73. Research with David Blow.

Asst. Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Univ. Calif. Los Angeles, 1973 - 83.

Biophysicist, Department of Biology, Biosciences, and National Synchrotron Light Source II, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1983 - Present.

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-3401


  • Ph.D. 1970: Physical Chemistry, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison
  • B.S. 1965: Physical Chemistry, Caltech

Key Publications

  • M Fuchs, R Sweet, L Berman, D Bhogadi, W Hendrickson, O Chubar, L Yang, S McSweeney, D Schneider, NSLS-II MX Beamlines FMX for Micro-crystallography & AMX for Highly Automated MX, Acta Cryst. A, A70, C1733 (2014).
  • A Soares, D Caspar, E Weckert, A Heroux, K Holzer, K Schroer, J Zellner, D Schneider, W Nolan, R Sweet, Three-beam Interference is a Sensitive Measure of the Efficacy of Macromolecular Refinement Techniques, Acta Cryst. D, 59, 1716-1724 (2003).
  • I Schlichting, J Berendzen, K Chu, A Stock, S Maves, D Benson, R Sweet, D Ringe, D Petsko, et al., The catalytic pathway of cytochrome P450cam at atomic resolution, Science, 287, 1615-1622 (2000).
  • K Chu, J Vojtchovsky, B McMahon, R Sweet, J Berendzen, I Schlichting, Structure of a ligand-binding intermediate in wild-type carbonmonoxy myoglobin, Nature, 403, 921-923 (2000).
  • W Phillips, M Stanton, A Stewart, H Qian, C Ingersoll, R Sweet, Multiple CCD detector for macromolecular x-ray crystallography, J. Appl. Cryst., 33, 243-251 (2000).

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