Jiajun Wang

Research Interest

A Ph D in Electrochemistry. 10 years research experience in clean energy technique (10 years in fuel cells, and 6 years in batteries).

My research interests are primarily focused on Electrochemistry Science and Engineering, Nanomaterials and the Production, Storage and Conversion of Clean Energy, and Synchrotron Light Source technique. In general, my research activities include synthesis, characterization, and property studies of advanced electrode materials, as well as their applications to Fuel cells, Batteries, Metal-air batteries, Supercapacitor, and Solar Cells energy systems.

Nearly 50 peer-reviewed journal articles published in Adv Fun Mater., Energy Env Sci., Nano Energy, Chem Commun, J Phys Chem, J Mater Chem, Electrochem Commun, J Electrochem Soc, Electrochim Acta, J Power Sources,....including several invited review papers.

Phone: 344-8822
Email: jjwang@bnl.gov