Paul Zschack

Division Director (Interim), Photon Division

Dr. Zschack is the Interim Division Director in the Photon Division, Brookhaven National Labs. The Photon Division encompasses 4 programs: Scattering & Diffraction; Spectroscopy & Imaging; Structural Biology; and Engineering & R&D. The Division staff operate advanced experimental facilities at the NSLS, develop new state of the art experimental tools at NSLS-II, and perform research in diverse areas including x-ray science, condensed matter physics, environmental science, biology, and chemistry. In addition to managing the Division, Paul also manages the Experimental Facilities area of the NSLS-II Project which is developing 7 advanced beamlines for diffraction, scattering, imaging, and spectroscopy applications.

Prior to joining the Photon Division in 2012 as the Deputy Division Director, he was a Group Leader at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) leading research efforts in 2 APS sectors in the area of Surface Scattering and Microdiffraction. His research interests include nano-scale and thin-film thermoelectric materials, oxide surface structures, hetero-epitaxial strained-layer systems, pulsed laser deposition growth, diffuse x-ray scattering, microbeam diffraction, and x-ray interfacial microscopy.

Phone: 344-8703


  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
  • B.S. Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA