Babak Andi

Scientific Associate

Babak Andi is the science associate for the beamline X26C at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS). He has the expertise and motivation necessary to successfully carry out the data collection and analysis for all the proposed work related to single crystal X-ray crystallography and spectroscopy. He has a broad background in advanced enzymology and X-ray crystallography with specific training and expertise in key research areas for these applications. As a graduate student and postdoctoral research associate at the University of Oklahoma, he carried out enzyme activity assays as well as X-ray crystallography on selected enzymes of Lysine biosynthesis pathway in fungi. Also, he carried out phosphotransfer signal transduction assays while he was a postdoc at the University of Oklahoma. At Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), he expanded his knowledge on crystallization of membrane proteins, PXRR beamlines operation, repair and maintenance especially at beamline X26C devoted to single crystal microspectrophotometry including UV-Vis electronic absorption and vibrational Raman microspectrophotometry as well as polarized microspectroscopy.

Phone: 344-3559


  • Ph.D. 2005: Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • M.S. 2004: Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • M.S. 1999: Biochemistry, University of Tehran
  • B.S. 1996: Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Tehran

Key Publications

  • I Young, M Ibrahim, R Chatterjee, S Gul, F Fuller, S Koroidov, A Brewster, R Tran, R Alonso-Mori, et al., Structure of Photosystem II and Substrate Binding at Room Temperature, Nature, 540(7633), 453-457, PMCID: PMC5201176 (2016).
  • C Roessler, R Agarwal, M Allaire, R Alonso-Mori, B Andi, J Bachega, M Bommer, A Brewster, M Browne, et al., Acoustic Injectors for Drop-On-Demand Serial Femtosecond Crystallography, Structure, 24(4), 631–640 (2016).
  • J Bachega, F Maluf, B Andi, H Pereira, M Carazzollea, A Orville, M Tabak, J Brandao-Neto, R Garratt, E Reboredo, The Structure of the Giant Haemoglobin from Glossoscolex Paulistus, Acta Cryst. D, D71, 1257-1271 (2015).
  • U Salazar-Kuri, J Estevez, E Antunez, B Martinez-Aguila, J Warren, B Andi, M Cerniglia, V Stojanoff, V Agarwal, Nucleation of Sub-Micrometer Protein Crystals in Square-Shaped Macroporous Silicon Structures, Cryst. Growth Des., 15, 2801-2808 (2015).
  • L Huo, I Davis, F Liu, B Andi, S Esaki, H Iwaki, Y Hasegawa, A Orville, A Liu, Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Sapshots Reveal a Dehydrogenase in Action, Nat. Commun., 6, 5935 (2015).

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