Ferdinand Willeke

Director, Accelerator Division

Ferdinand Willeke was named Director of the Accelerator Division when the Photon Sciences Directorate came into being in 2010. He was formerly Director of the Accelerator Systems Division for Brookhaven Lab's National Synchrotron Light Source II Project, serving in that capacity since 2007.

Willeke came to Brookhaven from Hamburg, Germany, where he spent most of his career leading the activities at HERA, a large accelerator facility at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY). Born in Schwalbach, Germany, he studied physics at the Freie Universitaet Berlin, writing his Ph.D. thesis on nuclear solid state physics. He has experience working at national laboratories in the United States, having spent time at Brookhaven in the past and also working 18 months on the Tevatron collider at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Willeke has served on various committees here, starting in 1992 with the RHIC Machine Advisory Committee, and also collaborated with Brookhaven scientists on a special magnet for HERA in the late '90s.

Biographical Information
Willeke earned his Ph.D. in 1980 in nuclear solid states physics at the Freie University in Berlin. He was involved in the design, development and operation of the PETRA, DORISII and DESYII accelerators and in the preparations of a wakefield accelerator from 1980 to 1983. He participated in the commissioning of the TEVATRON and the TEVATRON collider operation in 1983, 1984 and 1985. Starting in 1985, Willeke was part of the HERA electron proton collider design and construction team, and coordinated the commissioning of the HERA proton ring from 1991-1992. Willeke was also responsible for the operation and development of the HERA. He joined Brookhaven Lab in 2007.

Phone: 344-2216
Fax: 631-344-3395
Email: willeke@bnl.gov


  • Ph.D. 1980: Nuclear Solid State Physics, Freie University Berlin, Germany