Allen Orville


Research Interests
• Structural basis of enzyme reaction mechanisms; protein crystallography; spectroscopy
• Systems biology at the microbe – plant interface, especially symbiotic N2-fixation by rhizobia within root nodules of leguminous plants
• Serial micro-crystallography with acoustic droplet ejection methods at synchrotron and free electron laser x-ray sources
• Oxygen activation and reactivity in solution, and in low temperature crystals; methods for poising and promoting enzyme reactions in crystals
• Single-crystal (polarized) electronic absorption and (polarized) resonance Raman spectroscopies correlated with x-ray crystallography from the same sample

Professional Activities

Phone: 344-4739


  • Ph.D. 1997: Biochemistry, University of Minnesota
  • N/A 1997: Post-doc, Protein Crystallography, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Uinverity of Oregon
  • B.S. 1983: Biology, University of Minnesota

Key Publications

  • F Li, E Burgie, T Yu, A Heroux, G Schatz, R Vierstra, A Orville, X‑ray Radiation Induces Deprotonation of the Bilin Chromophore in Crystalline D. Radiodurans Phytochrome, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137(8), 2792-2795 (2015).
  • L Huo, I Davis, F Liu, B Andi, S Esaki, H Iwaki, Y Hasegawa, A Orville, A Liu, Crystallographic and Spectroscopic Sapshots Reveal a Dehydrogenase in Action, Nat. Commun., 6, 5935 (2015).
  • C Roessler, A Kuczewski, R Stearns, R Ellson, J Olechno, A Orville, M Allaire, A Soares, A Heroux, Acoustic Methods for High-throughput Protein Crystal Mounting at Next-Generation Macromolecular Crystallographic Beamlines, J. Synch. Rad., 20, 805-808 (2013).
  • K Daughtry, Y Xiao, D Stoner-Ma, E Cho, A Orville, P Liu, K Allen, Quaternary Ammonium Oxidative Demethylation: X-ray Crystallographic, Resonance Raman, and UV−Visible Spectroscopic Analysis of a Rieske-Type Demethylase, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134, 2823−2834, PMCID: 22224443 (2012).
  • A Orville, R Buono, M Cowan, A Heroux, G Shea-McCarthy, D Schneider, J Skinner, M Skinner, D Stoner-Ma, R Sweet, Correlated Single-Crystal Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystallography at NSLS Beamline X26-C, J. Synch. Rad., 18, 358–366 (2011).

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