Mary Carlucci-Dayton

Beamline Engineering Group Leader, NSLS-II Photon Division

Mary Carlucci-Dayton is the head of the Beamline Engineering Group in the Photon Division of NSLS-II. The Beamline Engineering Group is responsible for the engineering and design of precision mechanical beamline instrumentation that incorporates precision optical components and experimental endstations to support scientific research projects at the new 3rd generation light source.

Mary joined the NSLS-II project on September 22, 2008 as a Project Engineer. Her primary role was to work with others on the specification, design, analysis, fabrication/procurement, installation, and commissioning of X-ray beamline mechanical subsystems for the NSLS-II Project.

Mary brings years of valuable experience to this role including over 10 years in engineering, design and fabrication of beamline instrumentation supporting X-ray spectroscopy, microscopy, protein crystallography and beamline robotics. Prior to joining NSLS-II, she worked as a Project Engineer in BNL’s Biology Department where she collaborated with others at NSLS on the upgrades of the X12-B, X12-C, X25, X26-C and X29 Structural Biology protein crystallography beamlines and developed their beamline robotics.

Mary has an MS degree in Physics Scientific Instrumentation and a BS in Physics from Stony Brook University. She was also honored with the Renate W. Chasman Scholarship at BNL in 1996. Mary brings with her a strong optics, instrumentation, and mechanical engineering background that will be a tremendous asset to the NSLS-II Project.

Phone: 344-5234